Bleed Dps Shows Low On Pob Crimson Dance

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. popular PoE bow build, which is based on the Bleed mechanic and Crimson Dance notable passive. 114 Points Path of Building(PoB) link. It grants very high DPS and comes at a moderately low cost. Show 1 more reply in this thread.

At the start I would like to apologize for the poor english grammar. Hard to Check real DPS (even PoB don't calculate Crimson Dance and Bleed properly). [DPS it's wrong, Crimson Dance are not calculated for 8 stack we.

Just got the PC version of the game, and am going through the game again with that, so this guide now covers both versions of the game. Obviously this thing contains SPOILERS. Even looking at the.

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2) I noticed you took the bleeding path for gladiator which is nice for clearing. In POB I have almost 100k more DPS and more chance to block. 3) Does Crimson dance make that much of a difference in this build?. Showing page 1. (6.5% lower than the massive Betrayal update in December that had a.

Aug 30, 2017. poe3-0-bleed-flurry-brutality-build-for-duelist(Fast mapping + Uber Lab. PoB seems to indicate that Oak is slightly better for this particular build. Note: PoB isn't currently displaying proper Bleed DPS, and doesn't factor in Crimson Dance. It is life based (with a lower ES pool) and reaches 5-6k life & 1-2k.

Feb 12, 2018. Fortify; 60k+ Armour; 300k+ to 1M+ DPS; 3-8 Endurance charges *; Blind. Path of Building/PoB code: *. Wool Shoes. Bringer of Rain and all other low budget items are the absolute. Move speed, immunity to Bleed, extra Endurance charge and bonus resistances.

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Crimson Dance is a keystone passive skill which allows bleed to stack on an enemy up to 8 times, but halves its damage while also causing it to not deal extra.

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When you are mapping in peace and random betrayal dudes show up. 300k bleed dps is easily achievable, but requires 100% chance to bleed and very. ( the optimal weapon for bleed), and is slow so procs Ruthless less often. Crimson Dance in PoB is broken right now, but even with the correct.

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