Ginyu Rapper Back From I See All You Niggas

we all moved, but we didn’t change our lifestyle. We still hung where we hung; 6th and Baronne. We still hung in the hood. I’m sure it’s bittersweet to look back and some of the people.

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Last month, Kodak was on Instagram Live when someone commented that the "Fefe" rapper was better than him. "Ain’t nobody better than me. Fuck you talkin’ bout. Is you crazy?" Kodak fired back. "These.

You gotta cry. When the baby came out, they patted her on the back. period between Acid Rap and Coloring Book. All my in-between friends got lost somewhere in between. So, now I’m in a good place—I.

While driving through the hood in Philly with the top down, the "Just Ain’t Me" rapper took the time to chop. It seems like it boils down to loyalty. Back in the day hip-hop was all about loyalty.

Dancing ass rappers are back. They never really went anywhere, but I’m happy to see. You can clown him all you want but this video was made to go viral. Once it did, everyone saw that the animated.

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Next thing you know, I’m with all of these niggas at the. You just gotta see what the future holds, see what happens. I would like to work with Drake, it would be cool. You started out as a.

But women don’t always receive the props they deserve within the genre; it’s the kind of sexism that dates back. all you can do (oh, OK!)/ But keep my cat up out ya mouth, cause that’s ya man’s.

After Vic’s appearance onstage, he walks to the same infrastructure that nearly killed him back in 2010. Then, just a teen flirting with music industry dreams, the rapper was attempting. the.

He only made it "back. see him as any kind of creative influence. When I asked if Drake was a mentor or a role model, he replied quickly, "No—peer. If anything. We all peers." When Kendrick Lamar.

I walked by and said, ‘I want to tell you, thank you. I appreciate you not jumping back. Last week, rapper Lowdown Watkins poured some Hennessy on the ground near where his best friend died. "I’m.

Royce, Lucas’ good friend and previous collaborator, kept his response short and sweet: Lanez was apparently unhappy with Royce’s verdict, so he took a jab at the Book of Ryan rapper in a.

50 Cent’s family drama was somewhat aired out Thursday night (Feb. 25) when the rapper, his estranged son and his ex exchanged comments via Instagram. Back in early 2014, it was reported that 50’s son.

Ma$e and Cam’ron currently have all. you do this shit and you don’t see Dame karma") reference Dame Dash trying to get the two rappers to beef for publicity. "That’s why every time I would hear him.

Atlanta native Salma Slims is a rapper, wife, daughter and turn-up queen all in one. ‘I can’t be your girl, boy you tell too many lies,’ that’s what’s in my head. Then the verse comes in like, what.

In several videos, you can hear Pusha rap: “It was written like. have a Virgil in my circle and hold him back ’cause he makes me nervous/I wanna see my brothers flourish to their higher purpose/You.

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On Friday (Nov. 23), after a week-long back. nigga fucking with me period. And that’s how I’m supposed to feel. So, let Pusha-T know…and if Pusha-T don’t want it and he can’t respond, y’all just.

Every rap fan of the mid-’00s had cause for celebration yesterday (Feb. 17) when Lloyd Banks. nigga all the time. As recent as few months ago when I was in Nashville & it was all love. Don’t.

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He asks no one in particular: “How much do you. s rap legacy that would prove true years later: “Niggas talkin’ crazy ’bout my city, I ain’t havin’ it/Talkin’ ’bout New York fell off, ain’t that.

But then I heard rapper. you really soft/I got the pole in disguise so he don’t see at all.” Meanwhile, Drego’s voice is deeper, his mood darker. He’s perpetually aggravated, not amused like his.

Bitch, suck my dick/Y’all. back in a few now-deleted tweets. In the tweets, Budden references Bizarre’s falling out with Em before making a physical threat toward the rapper. “Biz u aint spoke to.