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Square Enix showcases more gameplay of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PS4 at Jump Festa, showing two Core Battle matches. Today during a stage show hosted at Jump Festa at the Makuhari Messe venue in.

Square Enix showcases new screenshots of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PS4, showing a few beloved Final Fantasy characters in action. Today Square Enix made available the registration for the Japanese.

Square Enix confirmed that Cloud of Darkness from Final Fantasy III will appear in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PS4. Today Square Enix confirmed that Cloud of Darkness from Final Fantasy III will.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will support a rather unique data transfer from its arcade version, while new screenshots have been released by Square Enix. Today, during a livestream aired to celebrate the.

Square Enix’s Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PS4 is getting an open beta phase across the end of December and the beginning of January. During a livestream from Jump Festa, that is being held at the.

Six DLC characters for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT have been teased, and four of them will be male, while two will be female, with only one returning entry. Today Square Enix hosted a livestream.

Square Enix Visual Works makes the heroes and villains of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT shine in a beautiful opening CGI cutscene. Today, during a livestream from the Square Enix headquarters in Tokyo,

Square Enix announces the beta dates of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PS4, also confirming that Jecht will be available at launch as a playable character. Following yesterday’s announcement from the.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s beta gets dated and detailed, at least for the Japanese market. Probably the western one won’t be much different. Are you ready to take the control of a Final Fantasy hero.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Director Takeo Kujiraoka and Producer Ichiro Hazama talk about the long road from the arcade release to the PS4 version. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is finally coming to PS4.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is set to remain a PS4 exclusive, at least for the time being, and it will support PS4 Pro in yet unrevealed ways. The original arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy runs.

Square Enix celebrates the western release of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT with not one, but two launch trailers for North America and Europe. After a long wait (at least since the announcement of the.

Square Enix wants you to be prepared for when Dissidia Final Fantasy NT releases, and is helping with a handy battle guide. In order to bridge that gap, Square Enix released a series of “battle guides.

Square Enix will release Final Fantasy VI’s protagonist Locke Cole as the new playable DLC character for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on PS4. Square Enix teased last week that a new DLC character that.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is getting a new update in June, preceded on the arcade version on April 19th, and it’ll bring changes to the Warrior of Light. If you’re not satisfied by the way the Warrior.

Square Enix will be hosting a livestream on Tuesday in Japan revealing new information about Koei Tecmo’s Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Square Enix announced that a livestream on Tuesday, giving us some.

Square Enix provides the first look at the features of the upcoming open beta of its fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PS4. Yesterday, Square Enix announced the open beta for Dissidia Final.